Matthew Cody McClintock

2009/11/13 (Friday) | Filed under: General

Matthew Cody McClintock
Cody McClintock
Michael O’Dell
Michael Willis
Mattie McClintock
Judy Johnson

Do any of these name sound familiar?

Do these pictures look familiar?

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4 2

How about this report: Report: Matthew Cody McClintock – Michael O’Dell, Michael Willis

Here is a long list more of what people have gone through with this person: Rip Off

Here is a video about investing: The Fake Investment Adviser

Here is a link to OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS if you don’t believe what I am saying.

So why do I say all this fortunately no one here has been out any money that I know of. But they came into town with a car and some video equipment. He is now in jail and it looks like Judy is going to be arrested also. I am not going into any more details as to what happened here but it sound like the same thing.

This is for anyone that is looking in google I hope they find this page.

Caution to anyone, that encounter these people.

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