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Odd stuff that I learn…
2009/9/29 (Tuesday) | Filed under: Tech

So today I learned that the standard search module that comes installed with drupal doesn’t necessarily look at other search modules that you have installed. Example Google Search Appliance. So I found another module (search_config) that allows you to config the standard search module, and choose the default search module to use.


Optimize or Optimise?
2009/9/24 (Thursday) | Filed under: General

Whats weird is that Google doesn’t even know which. One way it will ask did you mean? Or if you stick an R on the end. Google will ask if you meant to spell it the other way. Anyway when you are trying to promote a software called “Wealth Optimizer” it’s hard to figure out […]


New Website…
2009/9/16 (Wednesday) | Filed under: MannaTech

So I just bought a new domain for the business. Its all about Wealth Optimizer Software. So here is the link: Wealth Optimizer Software I hope this will be good, I know a lot of people these days could use something like this. Some very interesting automated ways of getting out of paying interest, to […]


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