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Get Out Of Debt!!!
2009/10/4 (Sunday) | Filed under: MannaTech

This is going to be hopefully one of the best software out there to Get Out Of Debt our copy is in the mail and hopefully we can start getting out of debt soon, if anyone is interested in more info please contact me. I will keep this post up to date with the latest […]


New Website…
2009/9/16 (Wednesday) | Filed under: MannaTech

So I just bought a new domain for the business. Its all about Wealth Optimizer Software. So here is the link: Wealth Optimizer Software I hope this will be good, I know a lot of people these days could use something like this. Some very interesting automated ways of getting out of paying interest, to […]


2009/6/15 (Monday) | Filed under: MannaTech

Alilia and I or I should say Alilia got excited in September about a company called MannaTech. We signed up and now are going to Costa Rica. If you are interested in the business side of things check out this link


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