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Coolest thing since slicing atoms.
2009/7/6 (Monday) | Filed under: Linux

Linux Kernel Level Modules Options… this is something I wish that I knew like 10 years ago. Lets say you load a module into the kernel: modprobe usbcore Sometimes with some modules you can add options on the command line modprobe usbcore blinkenlights=1 So lets say you want to load at boot time, in the […]


What to do about Internet…
2009/6/18 (Thursday) | Filed under: Internet

So I have no internet at home anymore. The neighbor left for vacation and as a result turned off her DSL. So last night, spent about 2 hour pointing my wireless antenna around the house looking for internet with none to be found. Or I should say none that were open to be found. So […]


2009/6/17 (Wednesday) | Filed under: Tech

My company just got hooked up with one of the best SEO people out there. She has a great book The Findability Formula Book can dramatically change your online ad campaigns, anyway check out her site This is something I am very interested in and can’t wait to implement for Alilia in generating leads […]


2009/6/15 (Monday) | Filed under: Tech

I have created a website that I keep track of all the weird technical stuff that I do. Anything from mysql queries, to programming, to picture processing. Anyway check it out here.


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