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2011/6/23 (Thursday) | Filed under: General

Why has technology turned into a fight. As a solution provider I provide solutions, yet management always has to have the last say, always has to have the last final weird tweek, and ends up causing the solution to be way more brittle then it needs to be.


2011/5/9 (Monday) | Filed under: General

The thing that frustrates me the most is people that are put into leadership roles that are just followers by nature. They have no clue where they are going in life, but rather just follow someone else or just do what some else says. On the other hand people think that I should be a […]


When will the band-aid’s stop?
2011/2/9 (Wednesday) | Filed under: General

Band-Aid solutions, why am I always forced into coming up with with low cost, near sighted, knee jerk, “this is only temporary” (but later becomes permanent) solutions. Low Cost: Lots of ideas are thrown out, no real solution is thought of. It’s like going to the grocery store and just putting a bunch of random […]


A new website in town…
2011/1/11 (Tuesday) | Filed under: General

Check out this new website that has come to pagosa: Pagosa Pulse


Core Values…
2010/12/27 (Monday) | Filed under: General

Here is one companies core values taken from the following site: Parelli Core Values Relationship 1st Be best me I can be Get it done with a little fun Exceed expectations Embrace never ending self improvement DO more with less Be humble Truth, transparency, trust Keep it Natural


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