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Robo Calls…
2015/4/28 (Tuesday) | Filed under: General

I just received a call from unknown after a very long and annoying message it directed me to the following website: which then led me through a bunch of videos and at the end it said would you like to meet the inviter that invited you when I said yes it listed the following […]


Cashel Saddles…
2014/3/25 (Tuesday) | Filed under: General

Check out my friends new web site. Cashel Saddles


Pagosa Granola
2011/9/14 (Wednesday) | Filed under: General

We have started to sell Granola. Check out Pagosa Granola


A new hosted billing solution.
2011/7/19 (Tuesday) | Filed under: General

So I signed up for Bill4Time which is a good program for tracking consulting work. Check it out. Free Trial of Bill4Time.


2011/6/23 (Thursday) | Filed under: General

Why has technology turned into a fight. As a solution provider I provide solutions, yet management always has to have the last say, always has to have the last final weird tweek, and ends up causing the solution to be way more brittle then it needs to be.


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